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License problems with Creo 2.0


License problems with Creo 2.0

Sorry did not know where to put this question on this forum.

First of all i got WINDOWS 10.

But today i suddenly came across a problem when starting up creo parametrics.

When i start up a warning sign pops up and says Requeting PROE_educ1 and then my license and then license server machine is down or not responding.

When i use the reconfigure file in the creo map and put in my license in the "instal wizard" it just says unreachable?

Do you have any idea of what this is? Creo have worked fine until now 

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go to CREO3_LOADPOINT\Creo 3.0\M090\Parametric\bin directory and open parametric.psf file in Notepad. Locate line ENV=PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE-=7788@servername.

Now check whether lmadmin_ptc service is running on servername


Martin Hanák


Seems license manager service is down and causing the error. If License manager is on your machine, try rebooting the machine or try restarting the service for license "lmadmin_ptc" from system services.

Hello Bjorn

1.You may also need to check the host file from the location "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" open the file in notepad and check weather license server name is added or not

2.Next do the ping test in command prompt , open cmd and type "ping <license server name>" for example "ping" and hit enter ,make sure you will not get the ping statistics as 100% loss.

3.You may also need to check with the environmental variables ,if required set variables are not defined in the script while launching , you may have to add it manually ,I don't know how it is followed in your company , You need to check with your Admin

Best Regards

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