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Hi threre,

I am trying to use ProOutputFileWrite() function and I have a little problem.

I don't really know where the problem is because all the functions return PRO_TK_NO_ERROR except from ProOutputFileWrite() that flew.

So the inputarguments that i pass must to be wrong.

I'd like to get some help.


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I use it like this:

ProPath wfilename;
ProError ret = PRO_TK_NO_ERROR;

ProStringToWstring(wfilename, getTemppath());
wcscat_s(wfilename, PRO_PATH_SIZE,L"proProgram.txt");
ret = ProOutputFileWrite(mdl, wfilename, PRO_PROGRAM_FILE, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL );
if (ret == PRO_TK_NO_ERROR) {

Best regards,



After i try your code I found out that my problem is with this two arguments arg1 and arg2 and I don't know how to fix it.

for the PRO_CONNECTOR_PARAMS_FILE the function ask for arg1 = int* pointing to a ProIdTableand arg2 = int* pointing to the number,component identifier.

somthing in the way i pass thearguments wrong.

You declare the c_id_table to an int*here :

arg1 = (int*)c_id_table; and

arg2 = (int*)comp_num;

Std. C declaration of getting a pointer from an Integer is this.

I think arg 1 would be declared as something like this:

int * arg1;

arg1 = &c_id_table;

arg2 = &comp_num;

If the function need the argument as void pointers you need to redeclare them on some compiler options with a cast like:

(void *) &c_id_table;

Best regards,


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