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Small model change and AutoGEM can no longer mesh


Small model change and AutoGEM can no longer mesh

I'm seriously about to lose my mind. I have wasted the better part of two weeks trying to run analysis on a mechanism under different load conditions/positions.


When I started the analysis I had no issues setting up and running the first few conditions and AutoGEM created a mesh with zero warnings/errors. After changing the position and load conditions a few times, AutoGEM will no longer mesh. It will either crash with an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLOATION error (despite setting graphics win32_gdi), get to 99% and say it can't complete the mesh, or start at 99% and work downward to 80% or so before it quits and says it can't mesh.


I have tried the following things to get the mesh working again. Some times it works, but most of the time it doesnt:

  1. Double check that there are no interferences/gaps, geometry issues, or tolerance issues.
  2. Reorder the components or suppress components.
  3. Manually delete the mesh files from the working directory.
  4. Restart Creo and restart the computer.
  5. Enable/disable detailed fillet modeling.
  6. Reposition the model back to a position where it was able to mesh (but suddenly it can't)

I have had this issue with multiple models across multiple computers with the same results. How does anyone get any work done when Creo Simulate is this temperamental??? 





I had some meshing issues one that were connected to how I constrained the components.


Basically,  when the model goes from Creo to Simulate (yes, it is a kind of exported!) there were components interference not detected in Creo. So, do the check test inside simulate and try to use more robust ways to constraint the model - especially because you are trying to simulate a mechanism.  Unconstrained - or over constrained assembles may get in trouble during this "export".  


Another issue, that unfortunately happened a lot with me, is that the model gets "broken". This can happen if you change constantly positions or features in the assembly or delete elements that had something assigned to it inside simulate (contacts, measures, etc.).


This does not gets mesh issues but simply I cannot finish the simulation anymore! 


They are very difficult to find a solution. What was helping was to save a backup of the assembly in a new directory and try it again. A more "hard case" is to go in "setup" and "new simulation model". This erases everything in Simulate - you will need to prepare your model again!


Classical meshing problems can be solved using "absolute" in Autogem "geometry tolerances settings" or verifying if there is a big diference in tolerances between sub components.  Tools > Tolerance report.  



Ok....4 months later and I'm having the same issue on a new model. I can't get any work done in Simulate. Does anyone have any other suggestions for fixing these issues with AutoGEM suddenly not meshing?



Yes, it is very annoying to have these things that make you spend hours - if not days - trying to understand why a running simulation does not run anymore.


Is this model again a mechanism with parts constrained in assembly and so on? If yes my suggestion is to follow what you already know - to suppress some parts (especially connections) and try to find the part that is causing meshing problems. Also try to suppress some contacts or some regions with defined mesh (especially if the mesh was defined in any sub components).


Any new meshing message now?


Good luck.