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Trajectory Simulation


Trajectory Simulation

Dear all

please help me in this case

I have three trajectories & I have a cylinder that

slide up & down while the trajectories rotate

when the 1st one rotate it make the cyl doesdown

for 2mm then when the second rotate it make goes

down for another 2mm &the the third hassame senario

Ihave to mention that every one of the trajectories

has its shape to let the cylmove up or down

the problem I tried to use cam follower but the sys

refuse to identify the trajectory as a cam

I used a slot connection it works fine for one

trajectory but when I tried to add the second

trajectory nothing goes right

I added a pic that i hope it may explain the



please help me as soon as possible

thanks alot

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Verify that that movement is only in 2 directions.
As far as I know, 3 dimensional cams are still not supported by Pro/Mechanism. (Hopefully this has been fixed)

See if cam liftoff is enabled.

Hope this helps,

Don Anderson

Don Anderson
No time Like the Present!