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Unusable Windchill Embedded Browser


Unusable Windchill Embedded Browser

Just recently, after an enterprise push of IE9, some of our browsers with Windchill 10.1 M040 have begun to function improperly. The effects are most easily seen when the user goes to select the Recent Products button…

… expands a product and selects the Folders option.

From there the folder browser opens with the list of folders on the left and folder contents on the right. That’s how it SHOULD display.

For the machines with the problem, the folder list and folder contents panes overlap to that the folder contents is on top of the folders list. One can grab the pane boundary and get the panes to be adjacent but from there, selection of a link in the folder pane does not change the content in the folder contents pane. When the link in the folders pane is selected the browser behaves as if it’s populating the folder contents pane but it does not.

Furthermore, searching does not work at all.

This is not happening on all machines. Users cannot modify any of their security settings. Patches and plug-ins are the same on all machines. Something is different.

PTC Tech Support has been engaged. We’re about to roll out Windchill to the entire enterprise and this just happened. It’s a collosal mess.

Any ideas?

W.C. (Bill) Bowling
Technical Fellow

Engineering Design Process Development

Aerojet Rocketdyne
CAD Services
Office: 818-586-0310

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We recently after an upgrade to 10.2, had to do this for a number of users. Your mileage may vary.

PDMLink 10.2/Creo 2, required a reset on some machines


We're on Windchill 10.0 M030 and had a similar issue when IE updates were rolled out. I found that the setting "enable native XMLHTTP support:" had to be checkedunder the security section of IE Tools - Internet Options - Advanced. Only found this by comparing settings of otherwise identical machines where WC worked fine on one and not the other. I'm not sure if the setting was new with the IE update or if Microsoft reset it as part of the update, but as soon as the box was checked WC started behaving properly again.

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