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Adding an LEP element to a DTD


Adding an LEP element to a DTD


This might be a simple question, but I can't seem to find the answer. I need to add an LEP element to my DTD. I have tried several time to add it into the DTD, but after I re-complie the DTD nothing is in the element list. I am looking to add it within the para tag

I would really appreciate some help on this question. I




Firstly, only SGML DTDs need compiling (you don't specify if you are using SGML or XML).

Secondly, you need to make sure the context is correct for your new LEP element. You can test that by editing a sample document file "by hand" in a text editor. Insert the <lep> or whatever where you think it belongs, then load the file into Arbortext. If it passes a completeness check then you know the DTD update worked.

if you have a good DTD but the new element is not appearing in the Enter key element list then it is possible that some sort of customisation might have "hijacked" the element list.

Hi Jay!

For recompile the DTD properly, you have to delete the .ptd file in your project folder. After you delete this file, the new DTD will works.

Have you resolved your issue?

Did the posts assist you?

Do you see any errors in the log files found in the directory with the dtd?

Do you have a snippet of how the LEP was defined in the dtd and where the LEP is allowed in the structure?

hi Timothy,

As Jay asks about asking LEP element into DTD, I need to add new elements and attributes related to them into Arbortext techinfo documents. Is it possible to explain me how can I do this.

I am not familiar about this subject so that I need step by step instruction about adding elements and attributes.

thanks in advanced,


First of all, is your DTD standardized or proprietary?

If it is a standardized DTD, you are not allowed to change it. The LEP must be automatically generated by the stylesheet.

If you are using a proprietary DTD, change is possible, but it must be acceptable to others involved in the SGML/XML project. You want to avoid any DTD change that causes existing documents to be out of context and existing scripting and configuration files to be incorrect.

There are online tutorials on DTD development, including Also, books on SGML and XML cover the subject.

Suzanne, thank you very much for response. I would like to answer your questions on behalf of my colleague Erol.

So far, we used standart DTD files provided with Arbortext Editor 6.1 M020 product.

We know that creating a new DTD reeds deep knowledge and experience related with SGML/XML and etc. So we want to keep our goals simple to understand the DTD logic and beyond.

Note: We used techinfo.DCF and "concept" element in our document.

1. We need to add additional attribute to "concept" element.

Our logic is, finding the DTD or schema files which attributes of concept element are defined and simply copying an existing definition (for example: outputclass) then pasting it in same file and changing its name to "new_attribute". Is this logic correct? And which files we should edit?

2. We need to create a new element like "concept".

Our logic is, finding the DTD or schema files which concept element is defined and simply copying this existing definition file(s), pasting it in same folder and making necesarry changes in both file names and contents (changing "concept" with "new_element"). Is this logic correct? And which files we should edit?

Thanks in advanced.

Best Regards,

Erkan OKUR

PTC\Arbortext Editor\application\com.ptc.arbortext.techinfo\doctypes\techinfo contains schema files (.xsd) not a DTD. There are online tutorials on schemas. For example:

Note that a stylesheet can generate an LEP from any element that is in the right place. You may not need a specific element for LEP.

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