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I want to restore toolbar buttons missing from Arbortext Editor 7.0


I want to restore toolbar buttons missing from Arbortext Editor 7.0

We are testing Arbortext Editor 7.0, looking to replace our aging version 5.4 M050.  Our testers have noticed that many of the Edit window toolbar buttons have disappeared.  We would like to put them back (at least some of them).  Has anyone tried to do this?  I have gotten as far as looking at lib\dialogs\editwindow.xml.  I see the toolbar definitions in there, so it seems like I should be able to pull out the ones we need from the 5.4 version and put them in the 7.0 version.  However, the icon graphic have changed so I don't have all of the icon graphic I need in 7.0.  I would appreciate any suggestions from others who might have tried to implement this kind of customization.

I looked at the PTC Arbortext Customization document, and found no help there.  There is less than half a page of information on toolbars.


Some of the touch-up buttons were removed, because they are not supported in APP composition. The primary composition engine.

The FOSI composition engine still exists.


1) Make a back up file of ArbortextInstallPath\lib\

2) Open in an ascii editor

3) Search for "ColumnBreak"

One should be brought to the line

cmd "ColumnBreak" active "!_tblnav::tbl_target_cell_exists()"

4) Add after that line the following lines

"No P&age Break Region"            \

   cmd "NoPageBreak" active  "!_tblnav::tbl_target_cell_exists()"

"No C&olumn Break Region" \

cmd "NoColumnBreak" active  "!_tblnav::tbl_target_cell_exists()"

One should see for the results of the edit the following

"New &Column" \

cmd "ColumnBreak" active "!_tblnav::tbl_target_cell_exists()"

"No P&age Break Region"            \

cmd "NoPageBreak" active  "!_tblnav::tbl_target_cell_exists()"

"No C&olumn Break Region" \

cmd "NoColumnBreak" active  "!_tblnav::tbl_target_cell_exists()"

"Deepsplit &Region"    \

cmd "Deepsplit" active  "!_tblnav::tbl_target_cell_exists()"

5) Save the file

6) set the permissions back to Read only

Are there other items that you seek?

Note, if you have locales, then ArbortextInstallPath\lib\locale\<yourlocale>\ needs to be added as well.


Hi Tim,

Thanks very much for your reply.  I will try to clarify.  The toolbar buttons that are missing in 7.0 that I wish to restore are:

Change Markup

Delete Markup

Insert Symbol

Insert Text Entity

Insert QuickMark

Go To QuickMark

These buttons were in the edit window toolbars for 5.4, but are missing from 7.0.  We have people that use them all the time so their absence would result in a reduction of productivity.  If necessary, I will customize editwindow.xml to put them back, but I was hoping for an easier solution.


Larry Hanes

Hi Larry--

It sounds like your entire Markup toolbar is not showing. Before going through a lot of hassle reinventing something, double check to make sure you don't just have that toolbar turned off. I don't have 7.0, but in 6.0, you can check this by selecting View->Toolbars from the menu, and make sure the "Markup" toolbar has a check mark next to it. If not, select it from the menu and then you should see all those buttons. (I'm assuming the menus are mostly the same in 7.0 as they are in 6.0.)


There are some FOSI composition menu selections removed from 7.0.

This is because FOS composition is under sustained support, and APP composition is the primary composition engine.

The menus were deemed confusing for APP composition users, and therefore removed.

Right, Tim Phelps‌, but that shouldn't interfere with his ability to check the toolbar status in the way I described, correct?


(That's why I said "mostly the same" 🙂 )


The Edit and Markup toolbars are still there, but are missing some of the buttons we have in version 5.4.

The Edit toolbar is missing the Insert Quickmark and Go To Quickmark buttons.

The Markup toolbar is missing the Change Markup, Delete Markup, Insert Symbol, Insert Text Entity, and Insert File Entity buttons.

Hi Larry,

We noticed that many valuable toolbar buttons were removed from Arbortext 7 as well.  I just added toolbars and buttons back in, and your list looks very similar to the ones I added.  Here's what I did (from memory, so I may not be 100% accurate):

Copy C:\Program Files\PTC\Arbortext Editor\lib\dialogs\editwindow.xml to C:\Program Files\PTC\Arbortext Editor\custom\dialogs\editwindow.xml

Grab the old icons and put them in C:\Program Files\PTC\Arbortext Editor\custom\dialogs\icons\ (I used the Snipping Tool and an image editor to trim them to 16x16)

Edit the editwindow.xml in the custom folder to add the icon references to the <imagegroup> section (near the top):

<!-- 2015-12-11 R.McGarvey Added new images from Arbortext 5 -->

<image id="imageDeleteMarkup" path="icons/icon_delete_markup.png"/>

<image id="imageInsertSymbol" path="icons/icon_symbol.png"/>

<image id="imageQuickmarksAdd" path="icons/icon_quickmarks_add.png"/>

<image id="imageQuickmarksGoTo" path="icons/icon_quickmarks_goto.png"/>

<image id="imageQuickmarksList" path="icons/icon_quickmarks_list.png"/>

<image id="imageViewNormal" path="icons/icon_view_normal.png"/>

<image id="imageDocumentMap" path="icons/icon_document_map.png"/>

<image id="imageSyncViews" path="icons/icon_sync_views.png"/>

<image id="imageLeftRightSplit" path="icons/icon_left_right_split.png"/>

<image id="imageTopBottomSplit" path="icons/icon_top_bottom_split.png"/>

Add the new toolbars and buttons to the <toolbargroup> section (bottom of the file):

<!-- 2016-01-27 R.McGarvey To find specific command names to use for new toolbar buttons,

      use C:\Program Files\PTC\Arbortext Editor\packages\commands.acl -->

<!-- ==================================================================== -->

<!-- 2015-12-10 R.McGarvey Toolbar with some extra buttons displayed in Arbortext 5 -->

<toolbar id="toolbar_Randy_Insert" name="GC Tools" x="25" y="25"><?Pub Dtl?>

<button command="DeleteMarkup" id="Toolbar_Quickmark_Randy"

image="imageDeleteMarkup" statustext="Delete markup left of the cursor"

tiptext="Delete Markup"></button>

<separator id="ToolbarGC_Randy_separator"

command="comment ToolbarGC_Randy_separator"/>

<button command="InsertQuickmark" id="Toolbar_Quickmark_Randy"

image="imageQuickmarksAdd" statustext="Insert an unnamed quickmark"

tiptext="Insert Quickmark"></button>

<button command="GoToQuickmark" id="Toolbar_Quickmark_Randy"

image="imageQuickmarksGoTo" statustext="Move cursor to current quickmark"

tiptext="Go To Quickmark"></button>

<separator id="ToolbarGC_Randy_separator1"

command="comment ToolbarGC_Randy_separator1"/>

<button command="InsertSymbol" id="Toolbar_Symbol"

image="imageInsertSymbol" statustext="Open the Insert Symbol dialog box"

tiptext="Insert Symbol"></button>


<!-- ==================================================================== -->

<!-- 2015-12-10 R.McGarvey Toolbar with more extra buttons displayed in Arbortext 5 -->

<toolbar id="toolbar_Randy_Views" name="GC Views" x="50" y="25"><?Pub Dtl?>

<button command="ToggleDocmap" id="Toolbar_Views_Randy"

image="imageDocumentMap" statustext="Toggle between the document map and normal view"

tiptext="Document Map"></button>

<button command="SyncOtherPane" id="Toolbar_Views_Randy"

image="imageSyncViews" statustext="Synchronize the view in the other pane"

tiptext="Synchronize Views"></button>

<button command="WindowSplitLeft" id="Toolbar_Views_Randy"

image="imageLeftRightSplit" statustext="Split the window into left and right panes or remove the split"

tiptext="Left-Right Split"></button>

<button command="WindowSplitAbove" id="Toolbar_Views_Randy"

image="imageTopBottomSplit" statustext="Split the window into top and bottom panes or remove the split"

tiptext="Top-Bottom Split"></button>


Restart Arbortext to see the new toolbars!  If you're looking for different buttons, see C:\Program Files\PTC\Arbortext Editor\packages\commands.acl for the commands available.

Special thanks to Rafael Diaz‌ for pointing me to the commands.acl file.  🙂

Yes you ar right but the difference is even between 6.1 and 7.0. Not sure why they removed these functions since they have, for the most part,, have nothing to do with FOSI vs. APP. See Below:

Arbortext 6.1 toolbar


Arbortext toolbar from 7.0


Some of these would be nice to have back as default with the standard editor.


we are seriously missing some of these functions as well

quickmarks, delete tag, and highlight text between tags to name a few!