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Poor performance opening AE 5.4 M050


Poor performance opening AE 5.4 M050

Comments... (By the way, my thread should have indicated patch M050)

Removed our APTCUSTOM variable and it still took 60 seconds to simply launch AE 5.4 without a document. I'm averaging 40 to 90 seconds, so I don't see this helping.

We only use APTCUSTOM (which I’ve removed), APTPATH, and APTWCF. The last two point to paths on the local drive.

Sounds fishy to me. I'd open a support ticket on that...

When 5.4 was installed, did it update the APTPATH from 5.2 to 5.4 (i.e.
C:\Arbortext\Editor to C:\PTC\Editor)? Do you have apps dependent on
the APTPATH being set? When we moved to 5.3, I took those out of our
environment vars without any ill effects.

When updating from 5.1 to 5.3, I was seeing really strange behavior and
odd errors/startup times, and found that my old Arbortext.wcf wasn't
"valid" when 5.3 was trying to open it. Completely deleting it and
restarting Editor to generate a new one seemed to do the trick.

If your organization is anything like mine, standard users have little
to no access to write files to their C:\ drive. Is it possible you
might have a R/W issue?

Just trying anything I can think of at this point...


Personally, I wonder if it's an issue with the license manager--maybe
it's trying to check something over a network connection that isn't
there and it has to wait a while before it times out--but I don't know,
and our licensing expert is out this week.

Some other developers suggested trying to use the -nohc and -nojvm flags
on your start up command (see help 5717) to see if that makes a


We use strictly fixed licenses.