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View XML Source


View XML Source

Using Arbortext Editor to edit an XML document, is there any way to edit the raw XML source as you work in Edit View or Document Map?

Alternatively (short of creating a new document), is there a way of changing the doctype or XML schema associated with the XML document?

We want to modify several existing "vanilla" DITA documents so that they are associated with a DITA specialization.



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edit -current -untagged
Type this command from the command line. Then you can also change the doctype declaration

edit -current -xml
to revert

Or: install new DITA specialization doctype, create new document (new -type XXX), then copy/paste document element content from vanilla DITA to new doc and change tags before validating.

Or for all that it would be easier to use something like Textpad and
open the file as text and make the change. I also use a search and
replace tool that makes this easy against a directory or set of files
with a given filename pattern. Textpad has a similar feature to
replace against all files open in the editor.


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