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How to Change Construction Mode Line Style


How to Change Construction Mode Line Style

When sketching, especially with a shaded model, it is very difficult to see construction lines. Any of the three line styles would be better, but I cannot find where to set the "construction mode" line style.


Is it possible to change the line style of the default (dotfont) or make a new style the default.

I have been doing a lot of searching in the help file and have found little.

It seems to be possible to change the line style for geometry entities, but I cannot find anything for the construction entities (other than color).




I also would like to change this. The line style makes it very difficult to see contruction lines in sketcher when the construction line overlaps other lines. The line style that wildfire 5 had was much easier to see.


If I understand that article, it is instructing to:

create the construction geometry

right click

change properties

This would be fine if it was one instance that caused an issue, but I want construction geometry to always be a different font, color, or weight.

Preselection of construction geometery is very difficult to see. Maybe I will try changing my preselection color.


I think this part of the artical is how you would set it as default. I've never tried this so I don't know how it works.

Create a system color file (extension *.scl) containing line below :


  • Set in the option "system_colors_file" pointing to this system color file

Setting that option in the scl file makes the construction geometry phantomfont. It would appear that there isn't a lot of options between dotfont and phantomfont.

I have changed colors which helps a little, but ideally I would like the line weight (at least for pre-selection) to be a bit heavier.

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