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Manikin Ancillary Objects, Toolpaths, Command Search: Tips from the Creo Masters

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Here's your next set of how-to tips in the series of quick Creo tutorials presented by our expert product managers. Each bite-sized tutorial is just a few minutes long. It's a perfect opportunity to learn something new.


Take a look below at about 15 minutes of video tips to help you boost your Creo proficiency.


Let's get started.


Give Your Manikin a Backpack, a Hat, or a Beer


A manikin model is considered a standard Creo Parametric assembly. You can add ancillaries (sub-assemblies) to the manikin, like a backpack, tool, hat, etc. These help you test your design for ergonomic compatibility and other human-centric requirements.


Further, if the library doesn't contain what you need, you can design a custom item to be used with manikins. 


In this tutorial, Arnaud van de Veerdonk, Creo Product Manager, shows you how to add ancillary objects to manikin models.



See Subtractive Manufacturing Toolpaths in the Model Tree


Your workflow for accessing subtractive manufacturing toolpaths and references might be more complicated than it needs to be. How many clicks does it take for you to see them?


In this tutorial, Creo Product Manager, Jose Coronado shows you how to enable a mode in Creo NC to display the toolpath and its references just by clicking on the toolpath name on the Model Tree.



Find That SolidWorks Command in Creo Parametric


For users who are new to PTC Creo Parametric, but have previous experience with SolidWorks, the Creo Parametric Command Search Tool allows you to map SolidWorks commands to Creo commands.


In this tutorial, Director of Product Management, Martin Neumueller demonstrates:




For more tips from our experts, watch the Tips from the Creo Masters main page.


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