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Multibody – Clearance & Creepage Analysis

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Multibody – Clearance & Creepage Analysis,


Hello all and welcome to another blog post in the multibody series.  

In today’s topic I would like to make you aware of the multibody setup possibilities for clearance and creepage analysis.

With the introduction of bodies in Creo Parametric 7.0, we also introduced support of the COMPARATIVE_TRACKING_INDEX parameter for bodies. If you add it to individual bodies of a part, you can define and control the conductivity definition separately for different bodies within a part.

The attached video shows an example on a fuse part by defining conductive ends as body with a different CTI value. Once the body level parameter values are defined, you can see the conductive highlighting including the metallic ends of the fuse and excluding the red inner body.


Thanks for reading & watching.  I hope it was informative.
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Hi Martin,

are these models available somewhere?



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