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Bulk Creo Drawing template change


Bulk Creo Drawing template change


Need suggestion in replacing existing  Creo drawing template into new drawing template in bulk.

We have large numbers of drawing files which required to replace with new drawing template.


Would this work by writing micro? Please provide you suggestion.


Thank you


If I understand your goal - you are looking to replace/set the format on the drawings in bulk?


IF SO... you could write a CREOSON script to do this:


Basically the process would be this:

  • creo : list_files (*.drw) - get all the drawing names you want to process then loop through each <drawing name>
    1. file : erase (*.*) - clear creo session memory
    2. file : open <drawing name>
    3. drawing : set_sheet_format (format dir + format file name)
    4. file : save <drawing name>
    5. file : regenerate
    6. continue to next...

That would be one (1) way to accomplish this pretty quickly.



Another way would be to use B&W Smart Update ( or Model Processor ( <~ free for current model) to do it. It's easier than a Creoson script because you need to decide wich size of Creo Format should used based on the current format.


Often you need also to create some parameters on the shown models and fill them with information that is inserted in the old format tables. So you need to check old formats and migrate these informations. Both mentioned tools can do it as far as I know.


So I have written the second one, if you need help with it, but also B&W is great and have a good and fast support for it.




"It's easier than a Creoson script because you need to decide wich size of Creo Format should used based on the current format."


The above statement is NOT accurate.  CREOSON has no requirement to know the format before making the change.  (e.g. drawing : set_sheet_format has no such requirement)


Also - CREOSON is 100% FREE - there is no registration required, nothing to "install", and ALL functions are available (in their language of choice) - also... NO REQUIREMENT TO PAY to obtain additional results (like other functions in the API or batch processing a change across some/all of your data).


Dealing with parameter changes/requirements when upgrading is also trivial in CREOSON (parameter : set ... even supports wildcard changes for all models in memory) either individually or in batch mode.



Hi @DavidBigelow 

You are right that this is not a problem of CREOSON (I think it's a good tool for many workflows that are not dependend on decisions, same as mapkeys). Set Sheet format has no requirement, BUT if you change a sheet format to a new one that have a different size than you got a problem with the current elemtns on it. So you want to change your sheet formats to other one that are the same size as the old one. You can have different sizes of sheet formats in the same drawing and a different amount of sheets.


Also if you change frames inside multi model drawings than you need to think on this dependencies that these models need to be activated so you can reuse them.


As far as I can see in these cases are neglected. So it's not my code and I don't know all cases that could be checked before and later in depth. I think it's a great tool, it's free and you @vadiraj should test it, but if it doesn't fit your needs just check out the other two.


For the creation and checks on Parameters in some restrictions CREO|SON is great too, also the other two. The question everytime is what's your needs and what fits them best. Free is great, but a support and hotline you can call is great too.


Best regards

and have a nice day,



PS: Great Tool @DavidBigelow I like the efford.

Not sure why you are bringing up concerns that go beyond the original question/need.

Every engineer creates drawings like Picasso it seems. So If you change the size of the format ... you are going to have issues (period) - and there is no perfect solution for that.

Which is why, in those extremely rare situations, CREOSON provides a lot of drawing functions to manage such changes (eg moving view locations, notes, etc). But these are edge problems... not the norm. Company standards and enforcement make that less of an issue.

The best solution is one that does not need support - which is what we and the CREOSON community are always striving to support.


Sorry that I bring up questions that intentially are important if you planning a bulk rework. And I don't think:

 - multi sheets drawings

 - multi model drawings

 - different frames / frame versions on drawings

are from outer world.


If I know errors that could happen I just bring it to the mind. Everyone need to select for themself if that's important to him or not, because I don't know the data basis. People can't ask questions they don't know, that's why I think it's not "bringing up concerns that go beyond the original question".


I think all 3 tools could be used for it and he has to decide which fit's best for his needs.


Best regards

and have a great day,


Take care if Master Bigelow is explaining. I guess as well that all Picasso draftsmen don’t use multisheets drawings with multisheets formats where a very little title block is displayed 🙃


uuuupps and now we have 2 Title Blocks,


Nothing is simple here  ...