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CREO update from Wildfire 4


CREO update from Wildfire 4

Hey guys.


We updated to CREO 2.0 (110) from Wildfire 4.0 and so I have a few questions if I may:



When CREO launches, my path is set to my C:\USER directory. How do I change my STARTUP Directory?


I used to have access to UNINSTALL / CHANGE via the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS for Pro Wildfire 4.0. I do not have that option with CREO?



Thank you.



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23-Emerald II

Welcome over from PTC User Art!!

To change your startup directory, right click properties on the icon you use to launch Creo. Change the "start in" folder to the directory you want Creo to start in. Make sure it contains any configs or other stuff you want creo to see upon launch.

The old will work but there may be some bad options. You can look at the std.out file that is created upon startup and it tells you the invalid options. There are likely other things you will want to add/change but you won't figure those out until you work with it for a while (and likely make a big mess, LOL, sorry).

Someone else will have to help with the other questions.


I initiate a .bat file to start pro

I set a variable proe_work_dir to the desired location.

when I am done with the configurations, I change directory within the .bat file to the pro_work_dir and call proe

In the desktop icon, I do not have any information in the "start in" window. (this was done with the .bat file)

In the file, I set other parameters (pro_symbol_dir, plot_file_dir, pro_note_dir, etc) appropriately as I have a central location for libraries.

The first read will be from the launch folder (c:\Program Files\PTC\Creo X.X\Common Files\<build>\text\

the second read will be from your work directory (set either from the icon "start in" window or from the directory change in the bat file.) and it will reassign variables that were previously set in the first read.

With regards to your second concerns, this is a permission item within the operating system. You will have to contact your system administrator to give you either permissions to the folder or to give you admin rights to your machine. (it will probably be the second item)


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