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CoCreate SDK


CoCreate SDK

Hello Guys,

Thanks for nice group, this is my first post.

We have Pro/Toolkit licenese using which we develop small applications.

I come across the following blog:

It mentions CoCreate SDK. Is it same as that of Pro/Toolkit ?

Since Pro/Toolkit is also called as Creo Toolkit, what are the modules of Creo can be custmized using Creo Toolkit.

Since we have done significant investment, we would like make maximum usage.

Thanks in advance.



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At this time Creo Toolkit is same as Pro/ENGINEER Toolkit. You don't have more or less advantages. CoCreate API is another one in which you can create things.

In future you can use Creo Toolkit also for the other Creo apps (like direct). But it isn't possible now.

I hope thats right, but this is how I understand it.

Best regards,


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