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Conversion VB API to J Link API


Conversion VB API to J Link API



We have developed the API [Application Program Interface] tool kit using VB Studio and functionally its holds good for current project requirement as standalone program.


We wish to integrate the developed VB API tool kit application with CREO-02 as part of tool window instead keeping as standalone application. But due to tool compatibility issue [Since it is developed in VB] we could not integrate.


Generally CREO will support for Java coding and J-Link will be used to establish the integration between CREO and Java coding's.


Can anyone please explain me What is J Link ? How to use ? What needs to be considered when we develope J Link API KIt ? Please help me understand the J Link Clearly.


Also explain me How we can convert my VB script to Java for J Link use easily





Hi Mohamed Aseem Babu,

Main difference between VB and the Jlink interface in Creo is that Jlink can be used synchron and asynchron with Creo.

VB can be used only in the asynchron modus.

The Jlink source can be added to any complier, e.g. Eclipse by using the reference properties of your projects.

In the Creo install folder, you can find some documents, examples and a reference documentary.

Since the M100 some major improvement were added to the functionally of Jlink to improve the the UI changings.

please notice the option for exporting the application ribbon.

An other way to interact with Creo is by using WebLink. In this case java script is used and the html page must be startet with the creo browser.

The WebLink must be activated by options.

I hope this answer will help you.

best regards

🙂 Andreas

what is the difference between an async and a synchronous interface?



Synchronous mode is process which block Creo. Every action what your VB, J-link, toolkit application do will block creo until the command of application is not finished. So when you start command in your app you can not do anything in Creo until the command is not finished. On the other side async application is proccess indipendent of Creo. It is created and then connected to Creo session so it is not blocking any more. You can build nice GUI app with button which will do some action in Creo. Async mode is more slowly in general however it is more powerfull in some situations than synch mode.