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Creo API


Creo API

I'm new to Creo, I came from CATIA. In CATIA I was used to create a lot of api using vb.

I'm looking to create a lot of api to creo, but unfortenately there is not much info compared to CATIA, regarding api in vb in creo.

My question is, Which programming language, do you recommend me to start making api to creo? Vb, J-Link?

I heard that PTC is investing a lot in pro toolkit, and maiby from Creo 6 onwards vb and j link will be more limited. Is that true?

Where I can find the available functions from creo api in vb or j-link?






you need to install the specified API through customisation at your installation.


After that you find it inside your installation path:

<INSTALL_PATH>\Common Files\ --> otk_cpp_doc --> C++ (paid)

<INSTALL_PATH>\Common Files\ --> protoolkit --> C (paid)

<INSTALL_PATH>\Common Files\ --> otk_java_doc --> Java (paid / free)

<INSTALL_PATH>\Common Files\ --> weblink --> JS (free)

<INSTALL_PATH>\Common Files\ --> vbapi --> VB (free)


All free APIs can do nearly the same stuff. (Little bit different in synchrounus and asynchronous connection behavior). The free APIs have something about 30 - 40 % of the functionality of the paid ones.

Inside of the described folders are halpdocuments that describe the start and also examples.






I've done it. I saw a lot of info in vbapi. But didn't found any examples.

What you mean with "Little bit different in synchrounus and asynchronous connection behavior"?


What's the most common language used by the developers?


How much can cost an object toolkit license?

There is a folder named : vbapi_examples 


Thats the one with the examples.


With the difference I mean that some APIs didn't support both connection ways (JS, VB).


The most common language is C/C++, JLink, WebLink.


Programmers and bigger companys have more C / C++ Applications, big and middle companys often more JLink and WebLink. Most times it dependence on the administration.


Also there is a big difference between the speed of the applications:


from fastest

 - C

 - C++

 - Java

 - VB // JavaScript

to slowest


The cost of a licsense depends on your Salesman and your company connection to PTC : ) I think.






Thank you @Eike_Hauptmann

To complete your answer, Protoolkit is the recommended platform.

It is the most powerful and all other languages are "generated" from it. 

As @Eike_Hauptmann said the best thing now is to get in touch wih your sales.

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