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Customizing Creo in Windchill Workspace from Auxiliary Application


Customizing Creo in Windchill Workspace from Auxiliary Application


We are developing a tool to configure and automate Creo models. Many customers use Windchill. Anyone with experience how to automate parameter changes, suppression, replace, etc. when the Creo models are located in Windchill workspace? Please share any experience you have.


Our problem today is that Windchill local cache is encrypted and we can make changes. Is it possible to store unencrypted Creo files from Windchill? Is it possible to decrypt them? Or do we simply need a Windchill integration as well? How would that work?


Just open the file inside of a Creo session, make your changes, everything is fine.


You need to regenerate it anyway to get the right calculations, representations and stuff out of the file.


So it would make sense and you can do all this by a API programmed aux app.


For an automated workflow you can use distributed batch (just install it with your Creo).




Also there are many tools outside that do these work. 


If you look for a full automatisation think on B&W Smart Assembly:


If you look for a free simple set up server based approach with more programming on your site Creoson could be an alternative.


Else you can use also GT Forms (everything with an editor as click together) if you can live with a manually open and save after the changes that you can push in by an UI that is customizeable with a WYSIWYG editor. It's one of the free modules inside the GENIUS TOOLS for Creo (Just select free in the installation):


So the last one is more a user centrelazied easy to use approach, not a full automatization.




We know of several companies using CREOSON for this type of automation - it is OpenSource, Free and does everything using JSON Transactions over HTTP.   


There is an awesome Python library for it (CREOPYSON) and a creoson_js is in the latest distribution for JavaScript (HTML/Node.js) use cases.  CREOPYSON has been around a while and is very easy to use.  Javascript is a slightly different animal depending on the environment you are using.


You can use ANY Language with CREOSON - only requirement is the ability to post HTTP requests with JSON; and works over a network (e.g. remote execution from other machines / environments).


But much of this depends on what your ultimate goals are for automation with Creo.  The things you are talking about are trivial for CREOSON.  There is a stack of Windchill workspace functions built in to CREOSON.


If you are using a Creo + Windchill connected session ... it is all pretty straight forward.


Hope this helps/inspires.




As Eike says, open this model in Creo and do what you want.

Additional, read chapter "Data Management: Windchill Operations" in toolkit user's guide.

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