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How to display ProMdl using toolkit


How to display ProMdl using toolkit



Through development, we are trying to apply inventor's bom tool to Creo.


ProMdl's graphic information must be ready to display.

If you don't have ProMdl's graphics information, you should use ProRasterFileWrite to prepare your graphics information. (Is there any other way?)
ProRasterFileWrite has a lot of margin in image conversion, and it takes a lot of conversion time for each ProMdl. (I think it is fatal to the large assembly structure)



We need advice from those who have troubled or solved the PTC Community with the same problem as me.

Please give me some clues on some good ways and ideas to display ProMdl's graphic elements in the Toolkit UI.




Warm Regards,

SeonHo Cha.


Hi SeonHo


I don't think that there is an easier / faster way with toolkit. Because you need to open the model and define the view / orienation and size and do the image and that needs time.


But I think there should be something inside the Granite Kernel that you can use (have never used it until now). Or you can use a REST API Service to windchill and request the current windchill image (>= Windchill 11.0 CPS 05). (In this case Windchill is mandatory on customer site for obvious reasons)




Theoretically...  I don't think ToolKIt would even be required for this.


It seems you could use some options to generate these images automatically.


Since you are using Excel... I would think that a simple Excel Macro (+ a tiny-bit of VB) could be used to find the corresponding image in the working directory and then import them into your Excel Workbook next to the part number you wanted.


I have never considered this for Nitro-BOM....  But may now based on your example.  The problem is, most of our customers are dealing with very large assemblies -- so this would dramatically increase the size of the Worksheet....  Unless ... hmmm  got me thinking now..