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Customizing the Creo İnterface


Customizing the Creo İnterface



I want to edit the new file opening layout in Creo. How can I do that? What are the additional software needed.


The screen I want to edit looks like the following...







One way is rewrite "New" dialog and his behavior using Creo Pro/Toolkit API.

Take a look at ProMdlStartAction() at

...\PTC\Creo x.x.x.X\Common Files\protoolkit\tkuse.pdf

@YaroslavSin Do I need Creo UI Editor. Is Creo UI Editor included with Creo Toolkit ? Could you give me some more technical information. It will be happy if you support it with images.

Creo UI editor can't be used for customisation standard Creo user interface. The purpose of Creo UI Editor is to help to develop a resource GUI files for auxiliary applications wrote using Creo API, for example Toolkit. So, yes, this editor is part of toolkit.

If you not familiar with Toolkit, then this task not easy.  

21-Topaz I

To clarify the above proposition, the ribbon, the quick access Toolbar and the RMB menu can be customized from the UI but  :

  1. customizing the New menu is not part of Creo Parametric functionalities
  2. you will need to create your own menu instead
  3. the proposition is to use the API that includes the Creo UI Edit

And the API has some perquisites:

  • working knowledge in C language / Programming
  • working knowledge of Creo
  • toolkit license



As Remy mentioned, you will need the Pro or Object Toolkit APIs to create this which adds cost and time.


My company has developed something very similar Model Builder already that may be similar to what you're looking for. It creates a PRT/ASM/DRW based off certain attributes, which are defined and standardized by administrators in our database. You can then define a name formula which will name it according to the values of certain parameters also defined by an administrator.



Let me know if that is close to what you're looking for!



John Piotrowski, Co-Founder & Product Manager
CadActive Technologies -