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Debugging of Creo Web Browser


Debugging of Creo Web Browser

Hello all,


We are trying to access a web-page.
But it is having compatibility issues with Chromium browser. (Attached snip of Chromium browser details)

How to debug embedded chromium browser in Creo 4 as developer tool?

Please comment.


Pratik Chougule


Has anybody found a solution for this problem? I myself also try to debug JavaScript code, so far with no success.

There is a support article saying that you should debug using a standalone browser. For this the article says to set the environment variable CEF_DEBUG_PORT to a port and access this via localhost in the browser.

This approach has so far been unsuccessful for me.

Any ideas how to fix this?

If you have access to a support base, take a look


In shot

  1. Make sure Chromium browser is chosen as embedded browser type in set windows_browser_type=chromium_browser in

  1. Set environment variable
  1. Then using another standalone Chrome browser, browse to this address on the same machine:
http://localhost:<port specified in env variable>/

Thanks for the quick reply and help!


Unfortunately this approach is not working.

I open the system window in Creo and enter the command (see screenshot). There is no indication that something happens afterwards.

When I open Chrom and try to access localhost:9222 I get a message that localhost has refused the connection (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED).


Any idea why this happens?


For anybody else wondering about this. The correct way is to set the environment variable not via the Creo console but via the "normal" one. You can check whether or not this has been successful by entering "set" in a command window. The environment variable should be listed alongside the designated port.

You are right, a variable must be set before start Creo




Hi everyone.


I set the environment variable and the Chrome tab shows me the link to the chromium page I want to debug, but when I click it the Console shows me the error VM311 inspector.js:3850 Uncaught TypeError: document.registerElement is not a function. Do you know how to solve this?


Thank you.


had the same problem. The function document.registerElement  has been deprecated for a Long time, and finally in Chrome 80 and above it's not available any more.

This is an alternative which works for me:
1. In your standalone Chrome browser open the URL: chrome://inspect/#devices
2. If you are lucky, you can already see your Creo embedded browser under "Remote Targets" and you only have to click in "Inspect"
3. If you don't see the embedded browser, make sure under "Devices" the Option "Discover network targets" is selected and then click on "Configure"

4. Enter IP address and port like so:  localhost:9222, then click on "Done"
5. You should see your embedded browser now. Click on "Inspect" to open the devtools

Hope this helps.


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