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Design Automation - How to ?


Design Automation - How to ?

Hi everyone,


I am looking for help to learn how to make automation in design. I would like to create models that I can easily reuse, simply by modifying some parameters or options. For example a diameter or a length but also whether or not I want to activate this extrusion or that drilling.... etc.
I already know I can automate parameters by using a simple excel sheet. I found this tutorial in video : Creo Parametric Excel Entegrasyonu - YouTube and also this one showing we even don't need to open Creo to modify the parameters (just excel) Video Link : 6428

Sadly I found nothing about how to create options on the design (extrusions, drilling, etc) Actually, only a video that shows it is possible on SolidWorks with KBEWorks. Automatisation de la conception d'un réceptacle avec KBEWorks 2015 - YouTube But KBEWorks seems to run only for Solidworks and I didn't find an equivalent for Creo 3.0....

Could you help me please ?


Thanks in advance for your help !


Accepted Solutions




and all other documents related to Pro/PROGRAM.


Martin Hanák


Thank you for your answer ! I didn't realise that everything about design automation was controlled under Pro/Program.

Best regards,


Note : everything is "not" controlled by Pro/PROGRAM ... Pro/PROGRAM serves a purpose but it is not everything.


Always focus on the data-flow - and that includes the process that manages that (taking inputs --> final outputs).



5-Regular Member

The link is not opening, showing erroe 404

Many ways to get there...


One of the best approaches is to have a "master" model and drawing that responds to input and then does a "save as" for the variation...


IF you love Excel - then you need to look at Nitro-CELL ... and  ... Nitro-PROGRAM


Nitro-PROGRAM is excellent for graphically editing the Pro/PROGRAM logic.


Nitro-CELL is awesome for everything else.


CREOSON is an OpenSource (aka FREE) option if you want to "code" a bit of the process on your own.



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