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Did you know about STEP/IGES-export for CAM

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Did you know about STEP/IGES-export for CAM

After the design of the electrodes, the data must be passed on to the production. If the NC programming is done in a third party CAM system the CAD-data must be saved in an exchange format if no direct interface is available. In this case established formats like IGES or STEP are commonly used. However, it's a tedious and time consuming process for large assemblies with many individual electrodes.

SMARTElectrode provides a simple dialog that can be used for exporting data for EDM programming but can be used for data backup and conversion also.


Execute following steps for the ouput:

1. Open electrode assembly Current electrode assembly
2. Open Output UI Command Output in ribbon UI
  • Browse list of export types to load template and options
  • Edit file-name if necessary
  • Set output directory
  • Confirm with OK
Output UI

All electrode models will be saved as STEP-file to selected directory. SMARTElectrode will use the csys defined in configuration as reference for the export.

Imported STEP-file


How to customize the export?

How to ouput data to a data exchange directory with a mapped drive letter?

Open export options file export.cfg in configuration\export\STEP and edit the value for SE_EXPORT_DEFAULT_DIR.
Export options to edit  Edited export options  New option value in Output UI
SMARTElectrode will now save all step-files to the new directory.


What to do if my electrode models use their own special csys for CAM?

For example all models have a csys CAM_CSYS in the electrode center on the bottom of the frame. Open export options file export.cfg in configuration\export\STEP and add option SE_EDM_BACKUP_CSYS and add the value CAM_CSYS.
New option and value: CAM_CSYS New value in UI New version of the STEP-file
SMARTElectrode will now use defined CAM_CSYS as reference for the STEP-export.


Related configuration options

  • Use option default_export to define pre-selected type in Output UI.
  • Use option edm_origin_pos to define electrode csys position which will be used for the export by default.
  • Use option edm_origin_name to define the feature name for the electrode csys.



Stay tuned to learn how to create a custom color format for electrodes and CAM in one of the next posts.

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