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Did you know about custom free face

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Did you know about custom free face

The datum plane FREE_FACE is the default plane for the creation of the electrode base. The datum plane is defined in operation UI and has an offset from the bounding box of the workpiece in +Z direction. The datum plane is copied into every new electrode and therefore all electrodes have the same height over the workpiece if the automatic processing is used:

All electrodes use default FREE_FACE

For the highlighted electrode it makes sense to place the base deeper in the workpiece to minimize the required size of the blank:

Electrode which base position should be changed

This can be done in two different ways:


Redefine datum plane FREE_FACE in electrode

1. Select FREE_FACE and start redefinition Select FREE_FACE and redefine

Change constraint type from Through to Offset and edit translation value

Confirm feature definition

Set offset value
3. Result Resulting base


FREE_FACE is still dependent from assembly default and adopts all changes accordingly.


Create base on selected surface

In the second approach, the surface for the base will be selected by user during the electrode design.

1. Extract and cleanup electrode geometry Electrode geometry
2. Design offset Created offset from top surface
3. Select surface for base creation Selected top surface for base creation
4. Add base Selected top surface for base
5. Result Resulting base

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