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Disable File, New in Creo only if connected to PDM


Disable File, New in Creo only if connected to PDM


We would like to disable File, New in Creo 5 if the user is connected to PDM and if they are in Offline, then File New is enabled.

Has anyone figured out the code for this?

Input is much appreciated.


This should be possible using a Bracket function.


I haven't tried running it myself yet, but here's some pseudocode for ProToolkit:


  1. Find the name of the command for File->New using a mapkey or trail file (I believe it is "ProCmdModelNew", but as we all know... command names and mapkeys might change from version-to-version of Creo)
  2. use ProCmdCmdIdFind to find the uiCmdCmdID of the function
  3. Define a bracket function in the format of  uiCmdCmdBktFn
  4. In the body of the function you define, you'll want to add handling something to the effect of:
    /*! @brief An example uiCmdCmdBktFn function to stop the command from running
    *   @details Use 'ProServerIsOnline' to determine if the server is online
    int stop_the_desired_function(uiCmdCmdId command, 
                                  uiCmdValue* p_new_value, 
                                  int entering_command,
                                  void** pp_bracket_data) { 
      if (entering_command ==1) {
        // Get the current server
        wchar_t* server_alias;
        ProError err = ProServerActiveGet(&server_alias);
        if (err != PRO_TK_NO_ERROR) { return 1; } // if we don't have a server, allow action
        // Check if the server is set to "online"
        ProBoolean server_is_online = PRO_B_FALSE;
        err = ProServerIsOnline(server_alias, &server_is_online);
        if (server_is_online == PRO_B_TRUE) {
          return 0; // stop the command from running
  5. Add a bracket function to the desired command using ProCmdBracketFuncAdd

For some more options... check out "Manipulating Existing Commands", which should be in the following file in your Creo install: <creo_install>/protoolkit/protkdoc/manual0/Menus.html#4


Also, as an FYI, this process should look pretty similar in either the C++ OTK, but obviously the code would look a bit different. I haven't checked the docs, but I would assume that the Java OTK should look pretty similar as well.


Hope this helps!



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