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External analysis


External analysis

Hi all,

In Creo (but maybe also in pro/Engineer...I don't remember well) there is the opportunity to do an external analysis (Analysis -> Custom -> External Analysis).
I read from "Help" that you can pass out of Creo whatever parameters you want as input for another application that, after a rielaboration, re-pass to Creo the information.

If I'm not wrong, you have to built in C++ the application that conduct the link between Creo and the other software (a toolkit application???).

I have different questions:
- what kind of analysis does it make sense to do in this manner?
- can I have some example?
- where can you find some detailed documetation about this?



Using External analysis you can save into file a parameters from Creo in form:

1) parameter_name = value

2) CSV

3) XML


You can use relations in the analysis for manipulation an parameters in analysis feature.

You can read parameters from file to the analysis.


You can write a application to use parameters saved to file, using any programming language. Or import file to application (if it support this), for example to Excel using CSV.

Do you have an example to post?
A video,a paper or a link?

In what kind of practical use have you used this feature?

Simplest practical use is to transfer parameters between Creo and external software, using text files.

Someone tried to passing a parameters from Ansys to Creo.

From Ansys to Creo External Analysis


I think, will be more easy to advice, if you will describe what you want to accomplish.

I've never used it but I've been interested with the re-taking datas capability after an elaboration of them by another application, accomplishing a kind of feedback loop.

Interesting but, maybe, in my opinion, with few application. For this reason I would ask for some posts with examples attached.

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