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Family Table - SetCell() using


Family Table - SetCell() using

Dear All,

I am trying to set values in family table using

I can get access to family table.

But Couldn't get a access to column and row.

Please if any one has code for setting value in particular cell of family table using



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I am not able to have a look to the API doc at the moment, but it should work the following way (code for VB .NET not for VBA4Office):

' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

'Please assure that you have the Session handle defined (here 'Session'):

Dim RowArr As IpfcFamilyTableRows
Dim ColArr As IpfcFamilyTableColumns
Dim hCol As IpfcFamilyTableColumn
Dim hRow As IpfcFamilyTableRow
Dim hCurMdl As IpfcModel
Dim hVal As CpfcParamValue

hCurMdl = Session.CurrentModel

RowArr = hCurMdl.ListRows()
ColArr = hCurMdl.ListColumns()

' wewant to get cell in row number 4 andcolumn 2:
hCol = ColArr (2)
hRow =RowArr (4)

' we want to set the cell value to double value 123.4:
hVal=(New CMpfcModelItem).CreateDoubleParamValue (123.4)

SetCell (hCol, hRow, hVal)

' ---------------------------------------------------

Hope that helps.



Andreas Hellmann
MCAD Services Pro/E & Pro/E customization
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 6
D-65439 Floersheim / Germany

phone: +49 6145 598296
mail: -

Hi Andreas,

I have used your above setcell coding, its working. Thnks lot.

I want to modify or edit the instance name in the family table, i tried with get instance name only.

Please help me, how to do further process in instance name changing.