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Features from CADDS IV I miss

21-Topaz I

Features from CADDS IV I miss

1) Great line fonts - Orchard was a line of trees. Seems like one could force dashes to end at line ends.

2) The ability to make any 2d graphic into a fill pattern, not just crappy hatching

3) That fills were within boundaries and were not independently selectable. Move the boundary and the fill moved with it.

4) That the fill boundaries were auto-closed. If the boundary was interrupted the fill automatically bridged gaps.

5) That one could plot to a file and then import that plot file to create new geometry. Helpful for creating text stroked with a particular line font

6) The C-size tablet that allowed access to hundreds of commands with muscle memory to select the desired ones and simple printed overlays (no button-box holes)

7) The C-size tablet that allowed the entire screen to be used for the display of the model or the drawing instead of wasting space displaying icons

😎 No Ribbon interface

9) Straight-forward command structure: Verb-noun: selections.

10) Because of the command structure, you didn't have selection competition. Ever try to move a symbol and get the view instead? Never happened in CADDS IV. Translate Entity was separate from Move View.

11) Well written documentation

12) Polyline (pwin) selection - not just a rectangular box. It's in Photoshop. Is it in Creo?


The only item that would be tricky nowadays is the tablet. Given that there are motion tracking wall sized white-boards, getting a B-size one set up is not unthinkable, but the mouse has driven the interface in ways that are incompatible. Maybe something like the Leap Motion could be used to create a similar interface.


Anyone have others they miss?

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