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Get or set status (open or closed) of 'navigator window'


Get or set status (open or closed) of 'navigator window'


sometimes I want to hide Pro/E or Creo's 'navigator window' in my applications.

With 'navigator' I mean the (in most cases) left window of Pro/E or Creo that contains the model tree, file browser and favorite browser.

Did someone here in this forum manage how get the navigator's status or does anyone know a command (API, trail, mapkey) to open (or close) the navigator?

What I already tried: mapkey or trail stuff record the open/close action correctly - in the mapkey or trail file there is a 0 or a 1 recorded for open/close. But when you execute the mapkey or trail file later there is no difference if you pass a 0 or a 1. Both switch the navigator to the other state (open or close).

So with a mapkey or RunMacro() in Toolkit I can open or close but at the end I don't know if my command does an OPEN or a CLOSE.

Thanks for any ideas.



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Get or set status (open or closed) of 'navigator window'

I don't see much in the WF 5.0 pro/TOOLKIT API...


Enables Creo Elements/Pro TOOLKIT applications to add custom panes to the navigation area in the Creo Elements/Pro user interface. A custom pane can contain either custom dialog box components or Web pages.

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