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Get the current version of Creo Parametric


Get the current version of Creo Parametric

I want to get the current/opened Creo Parametric version/Datecode as a environment variable

Kindly share the name


Thanks in Advance


You can get the information in an environment variable using multiple methods.

1. You can edit the parametric.psf file and set the environment variable in that file, so it will always be available via a system window launched from within Creo Parametric.
2. You can create a small script to set the variable, and run the script from within Creo Parametric.
  The script can read the "CREOAPP_DIRECTORY" variable to get the location of the "Parametric" folder of the running Creo Parametric instance.
  Read the Parametric\bin\pim\xml\pma.p.xml file.
  The information is near the top of the file in the "<PRODUCT >" listing.
      ex. <PRODUCT ARP="PTC Creo Parametric" datecode="2022024" family="Creo" name="Creo Parametric" parent="creobase.xml" preference="001" tag="pma.xml" version="">
  Set your new variable (there various ways to do this)
  Re-read the user or system environment variables if your setting the variable at that level.
3. You can edit the launch script for Creo Parametric to set the environment variable from the startup script.
4. You can pull the information out of the header of a .prt or .asm file.

How you set the environment variable depends on where you need to access the variable as well as your access level on the system (to set system variables vs user variables).

You'd also want to consider what happens when you have multiple versions loaded and running at the same time. A user or system environment may not be a good choice here.

I believe a very similar question was asked recently regarding setting the same information as a model parameter. You may want to search for that conversation for additional ideas.


Dan N.

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