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Help Center for Creo?


Help Center for Creo?

I’m a bit confused and potentially not happy with how Help works in Creo Parametric.

After installing the Help Center, when I go to help it’s not looking at what I’ve installed, it’s going to PTC’s web site to find help. It slow and will not work for classified networks.

The TSE is telling me to follow the instructions in the install guide for “Enabling the Help Center from a Network Drive”
Here’s the problem as I see it. This says create a Windows Environment Variable named PTC_HELP_CENTER_URL

Isn’t that going to hose help for ProE, or Creo 1 vs Creo 2, or Creo 1 vs Creo Elements Direct vs Creo Direct, etc.

Doesn’t each of these has their own separate help?
How can I just have one setting for where help is?

The other thing is now I have a huge number of systems to touch in order to set where the help is. This is an administrator’s nightmare.

I hope I’m missing something here.

David Haigh
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Enabling the Help Center from a Network Drive
To enable the Help Center installed on a network drive, you must configure the
Creo application as explained in the following example:

1. If you have installed the Help Center on computer machine03d at
C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 1.0\Help, share the folder
C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 1.0 as \\machine03d\Creo 1.0<file: \\machine03d\creo%201.0=">.

2. On a client computer where you want to access the Help Center, map the
shared folder to a local drive, say Q. After mapping, the folder with the Help
installation files appears as Q:\Help\help\creo_help.

3. Set the PTC_HELP_CENTER_URL environment variable as follows:
a. Click Start ▶ Control Panel ▶ System. The System Properties dialog box
b. Click the Advanced tab and then click Environment Variables.
c. Click New under the user variables section. The New User Variable dialog
box opens.
d. Specify the environment variable and its value in the boxes listed below:
* Variable name-PTC_HELP_CENTER_URL
* Variable value-Q:\Help\help\creo_help
e. Click OK and again click OK on the System Properties dialog box.
The Help Center process starts on the client computer without its browser. A
Help Center icon appears in the system tray indicating an active state of the
Help Center process.

4. Start the Creo application.

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Hi David, I have an idea for how to address this problem - I would suggest that you set the variable on-the-fly in your startup script. (i.e. don't set it as a global Windows variable)

That way you can make it match the version of Pro/E that you are running...

Having started being an admin for CAD software way back in the dark days (?) of UNIX, I've got an allergic reaction to setting Windoze variables - I pretty much *never* do this. 🙂

I added the following to my startup script to set the location for the help center. It works:

set PTC_HELP_CENTER_URL=P:\Creo 2.0\Help\help\creo_help

David Haigh
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