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Is this utility worth anything to anyone?


Is this utility worth anything to anyone?

Would a utility that keeps regenerating a model until no more regens
is needed worth $10 a copy?

I have developed such a utility and am interested to see if there is a
market for it.

This is not a mapkey or something so simple, it is a J-Link application.

I would be interested

What is the issue you are solving?

The need to regenerate, look at the "stop light" and keep pressing
regenerate over and over again until the light is green (model is
completely regenerated and does not need any more)

My utility regenerates the model until either;

The light is green


It has tried regenerating 10 times

We have a lot of highly automated fabrication drawing creation. The
user changes parameters and dimensions of a template model,
regenerates and the drawings reflect the new design. The problem we
have had in the past is users not regenerating the correct number of

This eliminates that issue.

> You could create a mapkey to regenerate many times but it would be a fixed
> amount of regens.

But that's the key, how many times do you set it? 10, 20? What if you
set it to 5 and the model needed 6?

> For parts I use a mapkey that opens modelplayer, go back to the beginning of
> the model and go to the last feature again.

If your parts are driven from assemblies then this will not work. The
regen must happen at the assembly level.