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J-Link and Creo UI Editor


J-Link and Creo UI Editor

Hello all.

I work with J-Link application for Creo 6 and 7. And I need to create a simple dialog with list of string items and OK/Cancel buttons. Items for list should be generated before loading of dialog. And my idea was to create a dialog by Creo UI Editor, load this dialog during application work and load string data to list on the dialog each time before opening this dialog. But I have problem. I can't even load the simple dialog. Creo just stuck and not responding when I try to call the method which should load the dialog.

What I did:

1. There is a folder of application, called "dialog".

2. This folder contains a few files - protk.dat, DialogBox.jar and "text" folder.

3. "text" folder contains "resource" folder.

4. I created the simple dialog "test" by Creo UI Editor and saved it as "test.res" into "dialog\text\resource" folder.

5. Also I generated the file which contains some initialization code for this dialog.

6. After that I created a simple file which just contains start and stop methods and call the test dialog creation.

7. At last I compiled DalogBox.jar and add startup info about it to protk.dat file.


When I try  to run this DialogBox.jar application in Creo it just freeze all UI. Creo doesn't responde and I should kill his process by Task Manager. It happends when I try to call creation of test dialog into "start" method. If I remove this creation application will be loaded without any problems.


What I'm doing wrong? Can I use this logic to create the dialogs for J-Link application? Should I have some additional license to run such dialogs into Creo? Where should I place the .res file? And how can I fix this? Is there some other way to create custom dialogs with custom controls?


Please, look at my application in the attached file. Thanks


Hi, your example is almost fine. It's work:


2021-04-21 16_10_38-Clipboard.png


(Only in the real world would the dialog not be called directly when launching the application, but from a button, e.g. command in the Ribbon.)



  • You have to set the otk_java to protk.dat instead the java , because  dialog comes from com.ptc.uifc  which is related to the PTC Creo Object TOOLKIT.
  • And that's why you also need a license for the PTC Creo Object TOOLKIT. Otherwise you will receive a warning: 2021-04-21 16_16_55-Message.png
  • Unfortunately 🙂

Without License you can work with Ribbons and Menus; it is not possible to create a new GUI thought uifc interface with free J-link.


See the details at CS317290.






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