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J-Link debugging


J-Link debugging

I'm starting with synchronous J-Link application. I'm able to link & launch the sample applications, but not able to debug.

The J-Link documentation does not explain much about it. Even on web, I see posts suggesting about debug messages, but that it not very efficient way.

Any recommendations on the IDE to use and how to attach the debugger for the same?


Have you tried


I use NetBeans for my IDE. You can attach a debugger to your appliction in sync mode.

Here is the option to attach a debugger.

jlink_java_command C:\proapps\proeWildfire_4.0\x86e_win64\obj\JRE\bin\java.exe -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=8000,server=y,suspend=n

Then in Netbeans you go to Debug - Attach Debugger

I'm assuming you can probably do the same in Eclipse as well.


Apart from using a debugger, I sometime write to the system.out stream when catching exceptions in a J-Link program.

Because you do not have acces to system.out from the console, the method I used is changing the Pro/E startup command to:

%PROE_LOADPOINT%/proe.exe > C:\temp\output.txt

(On Microsoft Windows)

Everytime you write to the system.out stream from within your jlink application, this is written to the output.txt file.

This can be useful for performing some quick logging.

Debugging a Synchronous JLink Application using Eclipse


This document explains how to attach the debugger to a synchronous application using the Eclipse EE.

Setting the Option

First you will need to set the option named “jlink_java_command” to point to the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire version java.exe in the file. The option value is shown below.

For 32 Bit Systems:


C:\ptc\proeWildfire5\i486_nt\obj\JRE\bin\java.exe –Xdebug –Xnoagent


For 64 Bit Systems:


C:\ptc\proeWildfire5\ x86e_win64\obj\JRE\bin\java.exe -Xdebug



It is best to edit the file inside a Pro/ENGINEER session.

Setting an Eclipse Debug Configuration

You will need to setup a “Remote Java Application” debugger configuration in the Eclipse environment in order to attach the JLink synchronous application.

Select the debug icon > Debug Configurations in the Eclipse IDE Toolbar.

Double click on the Remote Java Application > Select Project > Select Apply.

Make sure that the Port number is the same as listed in the option.

Start Pro/ENGINEER with the protk.dat file registered. Select the Debug button for the Remote Java Application. The synchronous application must be running first before the Remote Java Application is executed otherwise Eclipse will throw an error. Once the Remote Java Application is running then you should see the remote connection icon in the debug tab, as shown below.

The last step is to execute the Synchronous Application in the Pro/ENGINEER session. You will see that it will go to the first break point in the Eclipse IDE.

Hello mister Felkins

i have tried step by step to reproduce your steps to start debugging, but no success.

when i use the jlink_java_command like you typed, i can't start any jlink application in my ProE (WF4).

and Eclipse tells the Connection is Refused...



JD, your solution works fine!, i can change the code on fly as well [add/change code, save file, renbuild project].

One thing i like to add is that your comment "For 64 Bit Systems:jlink_java_command C:\ptc\proeWildfire5\ x86e_win64\obj\......" contains a white space in the path for java.exe, and thats why some of us were not able to get the results.




I am facing issue in Remote VM.

Please find attached snap of config file and other files.



Which Creo version you are using Nikhil?

I'm trying with Creo 4.0 M150 with no success.

Hi Felkins,

Thanks for the setup steps. It helped my a lot.

Could anybody help me to understand where are the system.out messages logged?


is there a way to log system.out messages?



I have did same settings,still facing remote VM connection refuse error.


Here i attached snap for the same.


Please help and needful. 

I am also getting same error. I tried above mentioned all settings.

but it didn't work.

Please help if any one have any idea on above error message

5-Regular Member

This does work. I was having issues that others are seeing with port 8000. I switched it to a different port that was open, and it works well. @ptc-4392950 @Nikhil_KPIT @barneybence @vikaskumar try changing the port to see if you're able to get it working.


You have several options:

1. remote debugger (explained in @jkent reply)

2. use System.out.println() and setOut() to file - this will setOut for all jlink applications

3. use Logging framework eg .. note you have to put classpath dir to protk.dat classpath of logconfig file

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