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JLink Static Utility Classes


JLink Static Utility Classes

Hello again, all!

So I'm trying to be smarter about my utility classes (properties, loggers, etc.). I may not be understanding this correctly and may be making a horrible mistake, so any corrections/concerns/comments would be most appreciated.

I have my startup class (called out in creotk.dat). It, in turn, instantiates a class with static values/methods/etc.

public static void start(){

//The properties are used throughout the other JLink stuff.
new com.paccar.commonUtils.GenerateProperties();

The generateproperties class has (among other things) static Properties (with a getter/setter)

public class GenerateProperties {

private static Properties jlinkProps = new Properties();

public GenerateProperties(){



public static Properties getJlinkProps(){
return jlinkProps;

I then have another startup class that is instantiated in the same creotk.dat file. I was attempting to access the static values of the properties file in this file. They come up null.

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, com.paccar.commonUtils.GenerateProperties.getJlinkProps().getProperty("draFileLocation"));

So, am I completely misunderstanding the use of static values/methods? If the values are initially set right away, no problem (i.e. if I access a static String already initialized to something at the beginning of the class, no sweat).