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Looking for documentation on TOOLKIT Dialog creation


Looking for documentation on TOOLKIT Dialog creation

Good morning,

I am working on a project where I have to create dialog boxes with Toolkit.
I did some work on that during the last years but I am always wondering if there are some more informations available on how to create a "good" layout.

This time I don't want to use a *.res file to create a dialog - instead I am building one from scratch by passing NULL to the function ProUIDialogCreate ("MyDialog", NULL);

Then it's easy to add layouts or other elements like buttons, checkboxes and so on...

My question:
Does anybody have an additional documentation on how to "layout" a UI? Is it a good idea to add layouts or to use "drawing areas"?

One of myproblems: I add an option menu into a layout element by usingProUILayoutOptionmenuAdd(). The width of this element seems to be controlled by a default value. I see no possibility to control the width by any of the available commands.

I think I am missing somethingthat is "fundamental" to creation dialogsprogrammatically (layout or the grid options).

Andreas Hellmann


Andreas Hellmann
MCAD Services Pro/E & Pro/E customization
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 6
D-65439 Floersheim / Germany

phone: +49 6145 598296
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I have worked extensively with UI dialogs and have found that even though PTC added all the runtime functions, it's still much easier to build them with the .res file. This way you can quickly and easily test your dialog behavior without writing all the code. Personally I use grids and sublayouts to make my dialogs. That way I can control the way the controls will behave when the dialog is resized. I can identify which row or column will expand or remain fixed during a resize. I also find it helpful to draw the UI in Visio before creating it. Let me know if I can be of further help.

Patrick Williams | Engineering Systems | c: 616.947.2110

Hello Patrick,

thanks for your answer. Will try to do something with an external res file next week. What brings me to this question that might be of interest also for others:
Do you have some news on PTC's current plans for shipping the WYSIWYG-Editor for res files with Creo? I haven't heard any news regarding thissinceMay 2011 when it was promised to be available for Creo 2.


Yep I hope that it will released with the Creo 3.0, but never heard from that project since Asa is gone. So lets see what say'll show us in the summer TC meetings.

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