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Master representation


Master representation

Hello everybody,

I'm working on a Toolkit asynchronous procedure that retrieves an
assembly and applies some UDFs. It works well except on assemblies with
simplified representations. UDFs are to be applied in the master rep but
as far as I could debug, an user defined simplified representation is
loaded, so the UDFs placing constraints fail. I'm using the
ProMdlRetrieve function and no explicit simp rep are loaded.

The question is... how can I force Pro/ENGINEER to load the master rep?

The procedure is for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 and Intralink 3.3 (but
the same occurs with Intralink 3.3)

-Stefano Berretta

CAD.I.TECH - CAD Integration Technology s.r.l.
via Montevideo, 7/11, I-16129 Genova (Italy)
tel: (+39) 010 3626266
fax: (+39) 010 3626267

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It has been my experience with simp reps that you have to explicitly load/activate the simp rep you want to work with. If you just load a model (I think) the rep that was active the last time it was saved will be active. You need to use one of the following functions based upon asm or prt.

ProPartSimprepRetrieve() (prt)
ProSimprepActivate() (asm)

Read the API Wizard under User's Guide->Simplified Representations.

Patrick Williams | Engineering Systems | Sr. Applications Engineer | Steelcase Inc. | 616.698.4078

I would try setting option:

open_simplified_rep_by_default NO

before going too deep into ProSimprep...