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Multilevel Familytable


Multilevel Familytable

I'm trying to traverse a multi level family structure with Jlink and WF5.

I start from the generic model, and traverse the FamilyTableRows.FamilyMember fm = (FamilyMember) model;
boolean hasFamily = (Since I have some rather large family tables and I only need data directly from the familytable, I would prefer not to have to retrieve each instance just to check if it has its own table.

I can see direcly in the "Type" column of a family table if an instance has its own sub family (see attachement). Can this be accessed?

Any way to accomplish this?




In Pro/Toolkit there are functions ProFamTableCheck, ProFamInstanceCheck, ProFaminstanceImmediategenericinfoGet, and ProFaminstanceGenericGet to help you figure out family table structure. (I don't know Jlink). Check to see if you have any functions like this in JLink. I would hope in Jlink you wouldn't have to go parsing thru the family table rows and columns to figure out its generic/instance structure.

Mark Steffke

I have equivalentsof

ProFaminstanceImmediategenericinfoGet ProFaminstanceGenericGet familyMember.But nothing like these:


For now I have just accepted that I need to retrieve the instances, even though it is not very pretty...

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