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OpenSource Creo Automation - CREOSON 2.6.0 + CREOPYSON 0.5.0 RELEASED!


OpenSource Creo Automation - CREOSON 2.6.0 + CREOPYSON 0.5.0 RELEASED!

OpenSource Creo Parametric Automation just got even better!


We are pleased to announce the latest releases of CREOSON and CREOPYSON are available😎🎉


Special thanks to ALL users, contributors and customers who provided feedback and supported the development!


CREOSON Distribution release notes:


  • Get the latest : CREOSON Latest Release
  • New Functionality
    • imports of ProductView, STEP, IGES and Neutral file types are now supported
    • exports of Neutral file types are now supported
    • material functions now support wildcards on model names. To preserve backwards compatibility, new functions get_cur_material_wildcard and list_materials_wildcard were added for wildcard handling, and get_cur_material and list_materials functions do not support wildcards
    • file.massprops now returns inertia matrices
    • in file.assemble, if the user does not specify either asmref or compref on a csys constraint, the constraint is ignored and will assemble in a "packaged" condition by default
  • New Distributed Documentation
    • updated web template and libraries 
    • new playground
      • sample code editing and testing samples using the creoson_js library
      • remote connect to CREOSON server
      • remote open model sample (live code)
      • remote parameter search (live code)
      • remote batch open (live code)
    • new function help navigation w/ examples
    • creoson_js - the first release of a reference JavaScript library has been included within the distribution.  This is for streamlining the automation of Creo Parametric using JSON requests from HTML Web Page and/or Node.js environments. (sorry - no npm package... yet)

CREOPYSON Distribution (Python Library)

For Python Lovers ... CREOPYSON provides access to CREOSON as a Python Library and has been updated to the latest CREOSON capabilities!



Main Website Updates:


  • New main CREOSON web page!
  • New Function Browser w/ samples are on-line!
  • More obvious links to various distributions!
  • Schedule consulting and support is now easier and faster!
  • Added Donate Buttons for project and contributed libraries (people asked - so we are providing it!)


How is CREOSON being used?!

Every customer has their own use-case and/or scenario. Here are a few common themes we have observed for both local and remote automation of Creo Parametric:


  • automating redundant user / administrative process
  • data validation / synchronization with other business systems
  • automated build / configuration processes from external data sources
  • batch processing
  • design / drawing automation creation/cleanup


Have Fun!