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Please give me some information for Creo 3.0


Please give me some information for Creo 3.0

Hi everyone i was thinking to buy Creo 3.0 but i want to work with VBA toolkit for programming and i dont know how can to add in this toolkit. Could you give me some help please. Thank you very much!

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someone some help?

23-Emerald II

What do you want to do with Creo3 and toolkit?

I want to have access tο api environment and work with VB. (Visual Basic)

Hello, Mavris!

I am also trying to connect PTC Creo 3 with Vrisual Basic. I have a problem and I think you can help me. PTC Creo 3 is already in my computer, but I can't find VB API. This one must be choosen during the installation as Wildfire 4.0? But during the installation I haven't found such options. Is there solution to install it without reinstallation of the whole software.

Thank you very much!


Hello my friend!

Unfortunately i have the same problem. I have searched for a week about this issue and i find that we can use other programmes with Visual Basic like excel. I try to connect these but i failed again. I dont know please if you find something help me.

There are some links from my search:

From what I've come across:

The main requirement is that pfclscom.exe is running. This is the process that VB communicates with.

"To make the VB API work, make sure you take care of the basics.

Use the vb_api_register.bat batch file to register the COM server (pfclscom.exe). Add a system environment variable called PRO_COMM_MSG_EXE and set the value to the path to pro_comm_msg.exe in your ProE/Creo install.

You may need to logout or even reboot. After this the VB API objects should be visible in the Excel Object Browser."


Hello! I am also start to work in this area. I have configureted PTC Creo 3.0 and Visual Basic 10 successfully. In the attachment you can find the guidance of configuration. 1.png



And finally you can find the introductionbook named vbug.pdf in PTC Creo 3.0.

Good Luck!