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Pro/E Crash often. Are you facing this issue?


Pro/E Crash often. Are you facing this issue?


My colleagues are facing this issue. Per day proe crash around 2-3 times.

Long time I used to work on parts and assembly that have few relations maybe few components with family table and proe was stable.

Todays projects are a little bit complex. A lot of parts with big family table. Some of the parts have a lot of relations at feature, part, assembly levels + Pro/Programs. All this stuff have been added to automate and make these projects flexible. More than this instead to continue to add relations and ProProgram we created some toolkit and weblink applications that are loaded when proe starts. In some words instead to do engineering with ProE we are doing now programming.

I belive having big assemblies with components that sometime have more than 1000 features, relations, proprogram, Auxiliary application done in toolkit, weblink or VB can cause this crashings from time to time.

Do you have this kind if issue?


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Similarly on my new WF5 I have many crashes, say 10 times each day, working on big assemblies, whilst did not happen when on WF4 M120. Anyway, listen to PTC adv. have to upgrade to 64 bit and high end graphic card, and hoping it will solve my problems. Are you on WF5?



I heard from them different scenarions that can solve this issue, starting with config options, videocard driver, some files in a way were corrupted (I noticed when Proe tried to load them) and PTC fixed them, Wildfire 4 M120 had a bug for some parts with family table that seems that was fixed in M140.

At the end the conclusion is that I payed for a software that is not stable, we continue to pay the maintenance for calling PTC and tell them that there is a problem instead to pay me for finding the issue and usully all the time when there is a problem they tell me to updgate to the latest build. It happend several times to upgrate and also in that build the issue persisted. do they garantee you that updating to 64 bit + videocard etc will solve the problem.

What happend if after you invest the money in this upgrate the issue will not be fixed.


Hello there Claudiu,

You should better check mi posts (some are 4 years old now), I;ve had the very same problem with pro/e since WF2, so far we have invested in new computers, maintenance, licenses, training etc to get the problem solved. It has been most frustrating because ptc call center usually gets a hold on a single bug and untill you don't get that fix they wont move on (that is my personal experience) so it happend till we upgraded to 64Bits, high end workstation, etc.

Eventually, our crash rate has diminished greatly, maybe to 1 or 2 times a month. The solutions that has work best so far is a dual OS runing on the same computer with a virtual machine utility. There is a post of mine where I explain this better. Anyway if you look for further information, let me know


Hi Claudio,

thx for your input.

Soon I have to change most of the computers and I was a little bit scared if we are spending 5.000\computer and continue to crash the management will not like this.

I did some tests with the new computers and everithing was ok on the projects tested but yo never know what happend on other projects.


I have had trouble in the past with mouse drivers; certain one cause a lot of crashes. MS Intellipoint was the primary culprit, but I think there were others. You could try with the generic windows driver and see if the frequency of crashing goes down.

Regardless of frequency, the best advice I can give is to save often. On anything other than the most basic parts, my policy is to save between each feature.

Good news, so far I have been using the 64 bit OS and a good V-card for 2 months, it seems to be OK, no crashes...

Now runs on WF5.M060. Cheers...

Even on the Creo 2.20 still crashes.... I wonder where are we going with this issues.... good luck new Creo..ers...


I don't think there is any real excuse for it but I will offer this observation.

Anytime I work with something new in Creo, I can manage to hard crash the software.

After a while of using the new capability, we seem to hit some sort of consensus between me beating on the keyboard and Creo doing what I expect. I am now fully convinced that Creo is a living entity much like a dog needing training. Which of course is actually the dog training us.

Creo is not the only high end CAD package that does this. The only PC based system that hadn't crashed on me at every challenge was Unigaphics NX. There are so many ways you can trip up Creo that there is no place to start understanding this on a conscious level.

Uh oh... a zombie thread!

This goes back to 2010 - but seriously if you're having frequent Creo crashes, always check for things in this order:

  • RAM? 4GB or 8GB probably isn't going to cut it much anymore. Windows and Outlook alone are chewing up 4GB now.
  • Graphics Card? Disable it then try again... don't rely on that silly little updater feature on your computer to determine if your graphics drivers are up to date. Frequently those utilities report that drivers are updated properly when they are, in fact, not.
  • Crazy model issue? Can someone else recreate the problem performing the same clicks and picks?
  • Known issue? Check the PTC Support Portal just to make sure no one else is having the same problem.
  • Crappy build of Creo? Let's face it - some builds are much more solid than others! Check PTC Community and, if possible, get on a more stable build. I know this is easier said than done, believe me... but it's worth a shot if you have the ability.

By the vast, vast majority - the issues above are the main reasons for a Creo crash. There are others which are less likely:

  • Goofball peripherals causing issues. Try unplugging all your bluetooth wireless mice, spaceballs, cell phone chargers, and other USB devices.
  • Wireless/Hard-Wire connection "fighting". Disable your WiFi radio (on a laptop) if you're working hard-wired into your company's network. There's usually a small switch on the side of your laptop. Some desktop workstations also have a wired and wireless connection. Disable the one you're not using.

I'm sure this helps no one but... maybe having this all in one place does something beneficial for someone!



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