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Pro/E / Pro/Intralink Connection Error

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Pro/E / Pro/Intralink Connection Error

Hello All,

I have a Pro/E / Pro/Intralink launch problem that I have not been able to find a solution for.

We currently use Pro/E WF2, M190 with Pro/Intralink 3.3, M021 for production.

We are planning moving to WF5 M060 and PDMLink 9.1 in a couple of months.

WF2 was working perfectly until a couple of months ago when I loaded WF5 and began testing it as well.

Now, every time I launch Pro/E WF2 from Intralink linked to a workspace (Intralink-Launch Pro/ENGINEER-Workspace-xxxx) on my machine I get the following error message:

"Pro/INTRALINK connection error -Pro/INTRALINK launch command not specified."

I select cancel and can work in Pro/E and it is linked to the workspace and I can work ok in Pro/E, but it is affecting my J-Link apps in that the session will no longer connect to an async J-Link app.

If I launch Pro/E on a colleague's workstation I do not get the error, but I cannot use that machine full time.

Initially I did not have a different cache directory specified for WF2 and WF5 in the startup batch file but now do.

A tech support call to PTCwas unable to find a solution.

Any advice would be greatfully received.


Paul Stephens

Kenworth Trucks Australia

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