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ProRibbonDefinitionfileLoad() in Creo2


ProRibbonDefinitionfileLoad() in Creo2


I am checking the possibilities we have for UI (ribbon) customization with TOOLKIT...

First of all: With Creo 2 M090 I don't get the *.rbn file anymore when saving my customization (done manually in Creo). But it is possible to rename the automatically saved *.uito *.rbn andafter copying thisto the <appdir>\text dir as toolkitribbonui.rbn it is loaded when launching Creo the next time; the app has to be started of course...

With ProRibbonDefinitionfileLoad(L"myribbonname.rbn") it is possible to load a *.rbn with a name different from "toolkitribbonui.rbn". This works for me if myribbonname.rbn is located in <appdir>\text\ribbon.

Now my final question:

Does anyone know if the ProRibbonDefinitionfileLoad() can be called only once??? The answerseems to be "YES".My intention is to load multiple *.rbn to be able to customize Creo's UI more or less completely by Toolkit. For some users I want to display tab1 and tab2, for some other users only tab2 and tab3...

Any experience with that? I am on Creo2 M090.



Andreas Hellmann
MCAD Services Pro/E & Pro/E customization
Am Wartfeld 7
D-61169 Friedberg

phone: +49 151 21259910

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This is from my experience with J-Link.

You will probably have to create a .rbn for each possible combination.

Lots of files if you have many combinations.

I have added all general tabs in my master ui file. Then I only need to load the applications specific ui from each application. This way I am not bounded by a launch sequence.

You can update icons and message on the fly, which could by another way of achieving the same result.

When changing icons I need to minimize/maximize the ribbon before the graphics updates. This is done with a macro sequence as J-Link has no methods for this.

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