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ProUI Image


ProUI Image

Hi @ all,

I want to create a Pro/Toolkit applikation with an UI and so one. So everything works fine until I want to add a picture to my UI. I don't know how I can do this. ProUILabelBitmapSet only allows to add a picture from the current text directory, but I want to show a picture from e.g. C:\test.gif. So I think about a drawing area and the use of ProUIDrawingareaImageDraw() but I don't get it working.

ProUILayoutDrawingareaAdd(dialog, l3name, "head_picture", &grid);
ProUIDrawingareaSizeSet(dialog, "head_picture", 200, 200);
point.x = 1;
point.y = 1;
ProUIDrawingareaLabelAdd(dialog, "head_picture", "head_test_label");
ProUILabelTextSet(dialog, "head_test_label", L"test");
ProUIDrawingareaPositionSet(dialog, "head_test_label", 1, 1);

ProUIDrawingareaPushbuttonAdd(dialog, "head_picture", "head_test_pb");
ProUIDrawingareaPositionSet(dialog, "head_test_pb", 1, 15);

perr = ProUIDrawingareaImageDraw(dialog, "head_picture", "C:\\test.gif", &point);
if (perr != PRO_TK_NO_ERROR) {
writeLog("Can't draw an image", 0);

I don't get an error and I don't get an image -.-

So have someone an idea how to show a image inside the UI? I use Creo 2.0 M 050.

Thx and best regards,


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