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Ribbon Definition File with two Toolkit Applications


Ribbon Definition File with two Toolkit Applications

Greeting TKers,

Working with Creo Parametric 2.0 M030.

Two toolkit applications, which create the same tab on the ribbon, display
two, and not one combined tab.

The manual section "Loading Multiple Applications Using the Ribbon
Definition File" describes the intended behavior. As I read it, tabs with
the same name should be combined and only one tab should be displayed.

To reproduce the problem: Create two toolkit applications. For each, define
a custom ribbon which both contain the same new tab. Start both
applications interactively (delay_start true). Two tabs with the same name
will appear.

Am I doing something incorrectly or is this a bug?


Bob Monat
Jerand Technical Services, Inc.

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Hi Bob,

I did a test just as you described whereby I created both ribbon definition files from scratch and I could recreate the same issue (we are working with M020)

But notice that you can also manually create multiple tabs with the same name. So I assume that they use a kind of internal ID and that the name is only an attribute and not an unique identifier

But I found a way to get it right : try to create the ribbon definition files as follows

  • start up Creo Parametric 2 and both toolkit applications

  • create the tabs for the first application and save the first auxiliary application user interface

  • do not stop the first application but adapt the tabs / groups as you want them for the second application (you should remove any tabs and groups of the first application that are not used by the second after adding the second toolkit cmd(s) to the common tabs

  • save the auxilary application user interface for the second application

By following the above steps I didn't get any duplicate tabs no matter in which sequence I started both applications.

Kind regards,


Agfa Graphics NV - R&D Inkjet systems

I filed case 11178314 with PTC. The same behavior is observed no matter how
the application is started.

Jan, would you mind if I forwarded your response to PTC?

I suspect you are correct about the internal ID. I plan to edit the .rbn
files to use the same ID for the tab.If it works, that would confirm your


Bob Monat
Jerand Technical Services, Inc.

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