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Setting model accuracy with TOOLKIT


Setting model accuracy with TOOLKIT


does anybody know of any limitations/problems with function ProSolidAccuracySet() ?

For example:

My model (in this case a part) currently is set to absolute acc with 0.01.

ProSolidAccuracySet(hMdl, PRO_ACCURACY_ABSOLUTE, 0.001)
the function returns a -2 what means"bad input". Other accuracy value like 0.05 works.

Important information:

I can setthe model's accuracy manually -here absolute 0.001- to the model in Pro/E's interactive mode without any problems.

I am on Wildfire 5 M110.



Andreas Hellmann
MCAD Services Pro/E & Pro/E customization
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 6
D-65439 Floersheim / Germany

phone: +49 6145 598296
mail: -

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Hi Andreas,

absolute : > 0.000083709 && < 0.83718

relative : > 0.000001 && < 0.01

The Values where shown if you change the values in Pro/Engineer // Creo manual. Set a value outside this range and Pro/E show the maximum / minimum you can enter.

I think from Pro/E WF 4 to WF 5 the values in the absolute change a little bit.

It can be that also values inside this ranges can't set to models because the model can't be regenerated with the new value.

Best Regards,


PS: Unfair the request changed while i write my post ^.^

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