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VB.Net and Pro/Toolkit Interoperability


VB.Net and Pro/Toolkit Interoperability


Is there a way we can call some Pro/Toolkit function from a C dll in VB.Net application and have this Pro/Toolkit API perform some operation in Pro/Engineer.

Basically what i am trying to do is

  1. Create a VB.Net application for customizing Pro/Engineer.

  2. I understand that there are some limitations of using Pro/Engineer VB API's, example the API's required for feature creation and manipulation are not available (UDF's may be an exception). So i want to write some methods in a C dll using Pro/Toolkit and call them from VB.Net.

Is this kind of interoperability between VB.Net and Pro/Toolkit is possible and are there any limitations?

I request someone to provide some guidance on this or an example if available.

Appreciate your support!

Best Regards,


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Look at the functions ProToolkitTaskExecute() and ProToolkitDLL*().

Bob Monat
Jerand Technical Services, Inc.

Hi Bob,

My requirement is to call Pro/Toolkit custom dll functionsfrom VB.Net application.

As per documentation, ProToolkitTaskExecute() and ProToolkitDLL*() are same Pro/Toolkit functions to call another Pro/Toolkit custom dlls.

Best Regards,


5-Regular Member

Hello Prudvi!

Yes it is possible. A long time agoI wrote a Win32-Dll that exports functions to use in VB6.0.
I used that in Wildfire 3.0 cause I don't like the managed extension of VS2003.

Now using Wildfire 4.0 with VS2005 it is possible to write managed code for .NET 2.0.
You have to use C++/CLI and write wrapper classes for your toolkit funktions.

So you can use VB.NET or C#.

Greetings Lars

It's easy to execute toolkit functions from VB.

See chapter "



Andreas Hellmann
MCAD Services Pro/E & Pro/E customization
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 6
D-65439 Floersheim / Germany

phone: +49 6145 598296
mail: -

Hello Lars and Andreas,

Thanks foryour reply. I will check the method you suggested.

Have a great day!

Best Regards,


I am doing the same work now.