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Vb api: how to move a solid?


Vb api: how to move a solid?



I'm trying to move a solid with vba and after every single moving step i want to do a collision check with vba.

For better understanding, i made a picture to show the situation.


Is this possible? Can anyone help me or give me some examples?



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I have been trying to do it since december 2013 !
Still waiting for an answer ....


The easy way to move solid part, like in you picture:

1) create assembly with Angel Offset constraint, between two part.

2) Using Relations, map this constraint/dimension to the parameter (d0 = pAngel)

3) Now in VB API you can change the value of the pAngel parameter. In this case the part will be moved after regeneration.

About a collision check: jlinkug.pdf

Page 257: Geometry Evaluation -> Interference

Example Code

The sample code in the file located at

<creo_jlink_loadpoint>/jlink_appls/jlinkexamples finds the

interference in an assembly, highlights the interfering surfaces, and highlights

calculates the interference volume.

Good luck!