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Window Handling with Pro/TOOLKIT


Window Handling with Pro/TOOLKIT

Does anyone know what the current possibilities are for changing the current window with toolkit and display it?

From my point of view PTC did some changes to this startingwith Wildfire 4...

I thought it might be a simple task:

  • There are 2windows opened in Pro/E displaying different models.
  • Pro/E's base window is showing a drawing d1.drw.
  • A second window shows an assembly a1.asm.
  • The second window is ACTIVE.
  • A toolkit app simply has to "switch" to the first (base) window and has to activate it.

Using "ProWindowCurrentSet()" the base window is being set to be the current one (so far so good), but still window #2 (assembly) is the visible one.

A call of function "ProWindowActivate()" after ProWindowCurrentSet() causes Pro/E to crash after 3 seconds. Referring to the documentation ProWindowActivate should be used in asynch mode only.

With Pro/Weblink it is very easyto complete the task. And because of that I am sure that it should work with Toolkit, too.

In Weblink it works with these lines (hWin is the handle to the window #1):
Session.CurrentWindow = hWin;

Yes - the second line works fine in Weblink.... No delay, no problems.

>>> Has anyone some ideas on that? Starting with WF4 there is the possibility of using the accessory window, but it does not seem to be possible to display a model in it when there is already an open window owning the model.




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