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New CAD Hardware question


New CAD Hardware question


I know that this is an everchanging Q&A topic but I am in the market for replacing some workstations. I am posting to this forum because I figured that I would get feedback from those who are actually using the systems and maybe some IT/Admin folks as well. Bottom line is that I would like some input from the user community on current workstation offerings that you are using to find the best option for my company.

Budget is fairly open and I am looking at HP/Dell/Xi currently but am open to finding the best overall value for workstations that have high processor speeds, large graphics cards for rendering and the horsepower to handle analysis, heavy CAD modeling, etc.... I would also be interested in understanding more about the differences between quad and six core systems and which would be a better choice for my application as the six core processors tack on a good chunkof $$$. I welcome your input and please reply to my email address at or this post and I will summarize.

best regards;

bruce nemec
leverage product development
3587 anderson street, suite 100
madison, wi 53704
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I wanted to update you on the hardware search that I completed. Overall I looked at Dell, HP and a couple of smaller outfits who claimed to have great offerings for CAD/Rendering. Ultimatey I took the plunge and purchased a number of systems from Gruman Creations which is a custom built workstation using all supported hardware components. I should be receiving these new machines early next week and will update on how things go along with specs but from all indications these should be very fast systems at a more affordable price. Gruman Creations also has the top spots for on the OCUS benchmark for performance which is one of the main/only reasons why I steered away from my normal Dell Precision workstations that I have been purchasing for more than 10 years. If anyone is interested in more details just let me know and I will be able to provide meaningful feedback soon and will also share that with our group members for the Badgerland Users Group which I have been heading up for about 14 years now. Really looking forward to driving these new systems....... Cant wait.........

Best Regards,

Bruce Nemec

Leverage Product Development

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